Chapter 1

Name, Purpose, Address and Scope

Article 1. The Cultural Association “Europa Libre Opinión” is an ASSOCIATION under the name of the Organic Law 1/2002 of March 22nd, and complementary rules, with legal personality and full capacity to act, with no profit motive in mind

Article 2. This Association is established for an indefinite period

Article 3. The existence of this Association has the following aims: to disseminate and promote independent and free information, to disseminate the customs and traditions of all European local identities, to extend and improve information for European citizens, making it available in a more accessible form.

Article 4. In order to fulfil these aims the following activities will be carried out : Creation and realisation of web pages, applications for mobile platforms and paper publications, all directly related to the aims of information and dissemination of news addressed to European citizens

Founding Members

Andrea Barbato


BSc in Computer Engineering
MSc in Environmental Engineering and Energy Sustainability
  • Co-founder of
  • Manager of South Tours Malaga

Rocco Di Vincenzo​


BSc and MSc in Journalism
  • Director in charge of
  • Supervisor of
  • Creator of
  • Co-founder of and

Other Members

Nour El Imane Benoumessad

HR Manager

PhD in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • HR Manager at AGRI-DIAM
  • HR Teacher at University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla
  • Talent Acquisition and training specialist at HAYAT DHC
  • HR teacher at University of Kasdi Merbah Ouargla and Batna 1 University